31 Hilarious Historical Comebacks

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Ooooh, burn.

Human beings often communicate through insults -- it seems to be a permanent state of the human condition. Look, we'd love to pretend that the basics of human nature involve kindness and hugs and rainbows, but really, when it comes down to it, sometimes you just have to conversationally drop the hammer on a fool. There's no shame in it; plenty of people just deserve to get roasted by some of the sickest insults you can manage. And the thing it's important to remember is this: diss tracks didn't start with rap music. Though that's certainly the height of the insult genre by modern standards, people have been insulting and mocking each other for as long as people have been people. Your favorite historical figures are no different -- and in the case of Winston Churchill, they pretty much owe most of their legend to their ability to mock someone else.

But while Churchill is no surprise, how about some of these other historical figures? Did you expect to see Mohandas Gandhi, legendary figure in India's independence, on here? How about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, perhaps the greatest composer ever? Or Pierre Trudeau, former Canadian Prime Minister (seriously? How did a Canadian make this list?!)?

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