31 Vintage Black-And-White American Photos That Have Been Digitally Colorized

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See the historic USA... in color.

Unless you were really rich or really lucky, color photography wasn't very common until the '60s and '70s. Before that, most photographs that were taken were in black and white. The camera itself needs to be capable of translating the real life colors via a single click, with a specific electro pulses that reflect the correct colors.... all of this in milliseconds. Then you have to be able to actually print those colors onto special film made for those special color cameras. Obviously, using colored film was way more expensive, so everyone got used to everything being in grayscale.

However, today you can re-apply color to old black-and-white photos using photo apps, and you can see what the United States of America was really like... in color. We are so used to seeing old photos in black and white it can be hard to remember that our country was still in the bright, vivid colors we still see today. Reddit has a Colorized History page that we've taken these old photos from, and incredible photo restoration artists like Jordan Lloyd, Jared Enos, Marina Amaral, and Dana Carver have their work completely represented in this list. Do you think these photos are better now that they're colorized? Get Started