33 Of The World's Oldest Things

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These things are soo ancient history.

Our planet is some 4.5 billion years old, so in the scheme of things, humans have been creating things for just a blip of time in history. Still, we're endlessly fascinated with the first things we've ever made or accomplished in our mere centuries on Earth, whether it's Neanderthal cave art dating 65,000 years ago or jewelry belonging to Egyptian pharaohs or the first tools man ever used. It's why millions of people flock to museums of antiquity around the world, to get a glimpse of these amazing achievements.

Some really, really old things aren't even necessarily amazing art or works of architecture. Some of these cool ancient items were precursors to things we actually use today. Archaeologists have found the oldest pants in China, the oldest sunglasses, the oldest actual food, even the oldest pay stub (you won't believe what the salary was). The world's oldest socks look like aliens made them 2,500 years ago. The world's oldest customer complaint proves humans haven't changed much. Did you know the world's oldest hotel predates the signing of the American Constitution by more than a thousand years? Or that you could actually pour a glass of the world's oldest Jesus juice?

The items on the pages that follow are the weirdest, oldest things ever discovered on planet Earth. Prepare to have your mind blown! Get Started