31 Historical Figures You Never Knew Were Into Some Weird, Weird Stuff

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These figures were into WEIRD stuff.

If there's one thing the internet has proven, it's that bonertimes fetishes can be called legion, for they are many. Rule 34, also known as Quantum Fetish Theory, states that if you can think of a fetish, someone, somewhere, already is really, really into it. The same applies to historical figures, a lot of whom, it turns out, were into some WEIRD stuff. Like, holy crap levels of weird. Which Founding Father was ALLLLLLL about the ladies, to the level where the running joke was that his statue would climb down off its pedestal at night and leer at women? Which peaceful agitator used to sleep naked next to nubile young women just to prove to himself he could resist temptation? Which US president used to whip out his little commander-in-chief at every opportunity just to prove he was in charge, including in front of foreign diplomats? Which legendary British politician was naked at any and every opportunity? Which Portuguese king had such a nun fetish that he fathered seven illegitimate children with them? Ready to read about some of the craziest stuff you never knew some of history's most beloved legends were into? Here are 31 historical figures and their bizarre bedroom predilections. Get Started