21 Mixed-Race Historical Figures You Thought Were White

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You probably had no idea.

From presidents to iconic actors, a lot of people don't realize that the following historical figures have black ancestry. Some are forthcoming about their heritage, while others have kept it hidden. Clark Gable, for example, did not try to hide his black and Native American heritage. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis' ancestor was the first black American formally educated as a doctor. Founding father Alexander Hamilton's mother was said to be of "mixed blood" and his brother was dark skinned. Ludwig Van Beethoven mother was a Moor, and the composer's death mask reveals African features. Comedian Carol Channing didn't reveal to the world that her father was black until 2002, when she was 80 years old!

Other historical figures you'll come across in this slideshow that you probably didn't know have mixed ancestry include J. Edgar Hoover, St. Nicholas, King Tutankhamen, Esther Jones and many more. Read on! Get Started